CEO: My name is Dr. Bello Adewale. Year 2006, I lost my first wife She passed on at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (Lasuth Ikeja).
She was Diagnosed of Bacteria Meningitis which eventually led to her untimely and sorrowful death .All Efforts Both Medical and Financial Proved Abortive. She Complained of Chronic Headache, Serious Body itching, Stomach Rumbling/Noise, Boils, Serious Joints Pains, Weakness and Fever, Pains in her Abdomen .
After she passed on, within a Period of 6 months, I personally started having same Symptoms as mentioned Above, I went for a Medical test which says I have Heavy Growth of Staphylococcus aureus/ Listeria Monocytegens, I had a Close shave with Death, Visited Hospitals both Private and Government Hospitals, Specialist, Name it.
I spent Fortunes, Sold my Landed Property to raise Funds to buy Expensive Antibiotics ‘Zinnat, Augmenting, Vancomycin etc’. A friend of mine in Stuttgart, Germany sent 1000 Euros to help me, All spent with No solution. I decided to try alternatives, I hated Herbs because of the Impression that it’s not Hygienically Composed.
I had no choice since Orthodox could not Salvage me. I took several herbs to no Avail too. Luck located me when My mother introduced me to an Uncle who is into Natural therapies. He Composed a Natural therapy for me which I took for 2 weeks, I was amazed after 6 days, All the symptoms subsided. After completion of the therapy all symptoms gone. I went for a medical test to Confirm and my Test came out Negative till Date.I got trained by the same Uncle, Spent 4 years with him, After I left I used 4 more years for more Training and research. The same therapy that saved me is what I have used and still using to save lives with Several Testimonies. My therapy Discovery came up after a Terrible experience I had with Deadly and Life threatening Staphylococcus aureus Symptoms