1.   I k i  a  f C N    t       

It’s Composed with Natural extract from different Plants/ seeds and tree Barks. It has no artificial additives, No chemical Preservatives, a freshly Composed therapy as determined by Symptoms complained by patient is far better than a therapy Composed and preserved till someone demands for it.

.It’s well Tolerated by the body evident by many people that have used it in the past 9 years no one has ever complained of any Serious Or Life threatening Side effects or Contra indications .The therapy does not affects your kidney/Liver or any other organs. It’s aqua (Water) base meaning I use water to compose it, It comes in a 5 liters Keg.

price: #35,000.00 ( Thirty five thousand Naira only)

A detox and Immune Booster

Toxicological Analysis has been done to ascertain it’s Non Toxicity.Gone are those days Herbal intakes has no Intake Measurements. This therapy has Dosage Administration.

How we can help your marriage
Have you been Married for Years with no children ,Fed up and Dejected, Our Natural therapy for TTC/ Infertility solves it all be it PID, Ovarian Cyst, PCOS, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, watery sperm or no sperm cells .Oligospermia / Azospermia.

Order and delivery: We Deliver Nationwide and World wide through Reliable Logistics / Transport and cargo Services.

Payment : We accept Payment through bank transfer / Deposit.

Please Note : The therapy is Composed freshly, Different Patients with different Symptoms, Preparations of the therapy is determined by Patients symptoms so before The therapy is Composed, It’s our Policy to confirm payment first. Waybill Numbers or Driver Details would be given once Despatch is made.

Medical Report: Your medical Test results is required, this can be snapped and sent to our whatsapp number 08100459321  ,Call Only 09034400008 Feel free to ask further questions.